This is definitely one of the stranger follow-up stories I've found myself writing recently. I recently told you of Bruce Willis chatting with Sci Fi Wire about his voice-acting role in the upcoming CGI kiddie flick Over the Hedge, and how Willis feels particularly prepared for the part because he spent 10 years living in rural Idaho and thus knows something about wild animals. Well, apparently not wanting to be outdone by Mr. Willis, co-star Garry Shandling has also declared he shares a particular affinity with the animal he'll be voicing in Over the Hedge.

Shandling voices Verne the turtle, who according to Shandling has insecurity issues which cause his tail to twitch. While Shandling does not have a tail, he does understand the personal insecurity his turtle counterpart experiences. "I'm in show business. That happens to me every day." Not to be outdone by Verne's twitch tail, Shandling also admits sometimes his insecurity causes his own rear to tingle. "[The role] was not only made for me; it's what I've played my entire life." Shandling further says he thinks he may be more turtle-like than Verne, because "I was always coming in late, and Verne in the film seems to move faster than me."

Okay, so the "I'm in touch with my animal character" bit is actually somewhat amusing, and it's fun to read these actors half-jokingly explain why they're a good fit for whatever animal they were chosen to portray -- but I definitely do not need to know about Gary Shandling's tingling buttocks.
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