Rejoice, all ye who tingle with glee at the mere mention of the words "Kevin Smith!" Despite rumors to the contrary, Clerks II will, in fact, be debuting at Cannes. Woo hoo! The film will screen Out of Competition as part of a hilariously diverse slate that includes everything from X-Men: The Last Stand to Johnnie To's Election 2 to Zidane, a game-length documentary about one of soccer's greatest players. (I'd love to know how the Out of Competition slate is selected -- studio money? Whatever gets the most attention? Actual good movies? Looking at the films, it's a complete mystery to me.)

Since both Clerks and Dogmamade their first appeared at Cannes, this news isn't as surprising as it might seem; hell, Cannes is probably old hat for the View Askew crew. On the Clerks II MySpace site, Smith confirms that he will attended the May 26 screening, and also hopes to be at the festival in time for the Southland Tales premiere, which takes place several days before his own film debuts. You know, in case you're headed to Cannes and want to stalk him, or something.
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