I think little behind the scenes/human interest stories are fascinating, and in that spirit I share the following story with you, the reader. There's a 64-year-old woman who lives in Cleveland, Ohio named Denise Buckley. Denise is an art teacher at a place called Hawken School; and aside from the always cool occupation of teaching sculpting Denise has another great way of impressing people at cocktail parties -- her artwork has been featured in both of the previous Spider-Manflicks. And she's not done yet; her work has been commissioned for the third film as well. In fact, five copies of four different sculptures created by Ms. Buckley have been requested (made from clay and painted to look bronze), because they're going to get very destroyed by major fight scenes. This will mark the first time her work has been destroyed by a super-hero -- it's only ever been on display in the background of the Osborn residence previously.

If I were good enough to sculpt anything, you can bet I'd consider getting my artwork destroyed by Spider-Man reaching the height of my craft. Ms. Buckley is pretty pleased with it, as well. She says her students are always impressed that her artwork appears in cool movies.
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