It'll just be a deleted scene or outtake, but this little clip sounds like a fantastic DVD extra. The rumor comes from none other than John Bruno, visual effects supervisor for X-Men: The Last Stand who recently sat down for an interview with Total Film. After sharing his thoughts about working with embattled director Brett Ratner (he was nervous at first, but found him fun to work with), Bruno shared a great story from on-set during filming. Bruno told TF about an evening of filming on the Alcatraz set which started with the basic director's read through of instructions (you know, the "this person stands here, this person walks in from this side," etc.). After Ratner got a few lines into his directions, which he had written out on two pages of paper, actor Ian McKellen interrupted him and requested permission to take over. Bruno's description of the event is as  follows: "So he took the script and read two pages of description. It was like he was standing there reading Shakespeare, it was fantastic. Here we all were, three in the morning, frozen solid and everybody was just mesmerized by Ian reading this description! It was so good, we had him do it again just for laughs." Now if that doesn't sound like something you want to see on an X-Men DVD, I don't know what would.
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