Lady in the Water

Hey Movie Fans,

Hot off the presses -- or film reels or wherever it is movie trailers come from -- comes the new trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's latest flick, 'Lady in the Water.'

The movie stars Paul Giamatti as an apartment building superintendent who finds a water nymph (played by Night's new "It" girl, the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard) in a swimming pool. Gallant gent that he is, Paul does everything in his power to help Bryce get back into her world. This involves him donning swim trunks and diving into the aforementioned magical pool in an attempt to unlock the door to her world. As with all of Shyamalan's movies, what ensues is spooky as hell -- and I'm not just talking about the shots of Giamatti in naught but his skivvies. Just kidding, Paul; Matthew McConaughey has nothing on you.

Will 'Lady' return Night to the box office and critical success he last earned with 'Signs' -- or will it meet the same fate as the critically maligned 'Village'? See for yourself.

WARNING: This trailer contains shots of a shirtless Giamatti and should be viewed only at your own risk. As is the rule with swimming, you may want to wait two hours after eating before watching this preview.


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