The people casting Resident Evil are really on the move, which is probably a good thing seeing as how shooting is scheduled to start very soon. Following closely behind yesterday's announcement of Ashanti joining the team comes today's news of two more cast members: Ali Larter of Final Destination fame and Chris Egan of very little fame (he'll be in Eragon, though ... so maybe that's a bit of future potential fame). Larter has been cast as Claire, a character gamers will recognize from Resident Evil 2 (the game, obviously, not the film) and Egan has been cast as Mikey. Along with this announcement comes clarification on yesterday's Ashanti news -- her part will apparently be Nurse Betty. Yeah, Nurse Betty. The film will get underway next Monday in Mexico. Mexico will be playing the part of Nevada, in case you were curious. Poor Mexico, always getting typecast in those bland desert sort of roles. Somebody really ought to roll the dice and give that kid a try as a rain forest or something.

No, I don't know what I'm talking about.
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