Paul Bettany was one of the clear-cut front runners for the Clown Prince of Crime in the Batman rumor mill until a Bat-insider showed up at the incredibly well-informed fan site Batman on Film to declare the studio's disinterest in the actor. BoF tends to be very well-informed, but just like any news site they can't always substantiate their "inside sources;" they just share with us what they hear. The "Paul Bettany as the Joker" rumor camp took yet another serious body blow recently, however, as Paul Bettany himself recently told PR Inside he was not in the running for the role, as far as he was aware. "It's a rumor entirely made up by journalists." Bettany also jokingly speculated the rumors could be a focused effort by the media to lower his price tag for the movie execs. Bettany hypothisized that if he admitted to the media he was interested in the role, then the studio could approach him and say something akin to "okay, great. You can have it it since you want it so much. Here's a fiver for your troubles."
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