Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • I've always thought there should be more films that chronicle how much insanity really does go in to planning a wedding. Neal Moritz's Original Films pre-emptively snatched up Erik (Hey, he spells his name with a 'K' too!) Lohla's untitled spec script. Story is said to be a romantic comedy in the vein of Meet the Parents, and will be set in the wonderful, yet evil world of wedding planning.
  • Maggie Grace (Lost, The Fog) is in negotiations to star in The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Pic, which already has Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alec Baldwin attached is based on Melissa Banks' best-selling novel. Grace will play the best friend of Gellar's character. Here's hoping the film helps fish Sarah Michelle out of the "Who is she again?" hole that's hid her from stardom for, like, her entire career.
  • Man, I sure do love me a good "let's ruin someone's career" poll. Thanks to USA Today, we now know the real reason why Mission Impossible 3 didn't make the money expected during its opening weekend. According to a poll the paper conducted, 51% of fans stayed away from the film on purpose, as sort of a protest against Tom Cruise. Why? Well, quite frankly, Tom's various off-screen antics have turned people off. Wow. So I guess we should stop blaming the Cinco de Mayo hangover, huh?
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