To paraphrase Bugs Bunny, maybe we all took a wrong turn at the Coachella Valley. What else could explain the death-grip the Reagan era has on pop culture and pop music? I enjoy having all those tinny Casios back, and even though I suffered through the "I, Assassin" tour, I might even pony up to see Gary Numan if he comes to America, just for old times' sake. But when Depeche Mode gets to headline, maybe this 1980s nostalgia death trip needs to end. And yet, there is one figure of 1980s culture who is getting a deserved comeback, despite the critical and box-office lambasting of hisrecentLooking for Comedy in the Muslim World:Just released on DVD, Modern Romance, a vintage Albert Brooks comedy of 1981, demonstrates the man's unsurpassed gifts in the comedy of excruciation. As Robert Cole, a film editor by trade, and a torturer of his girlfriend by avocation, Brooks may never have been so utterly worm-like and spineless ... not even in his previous film, the classic Real Life. 

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