I want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon even as I begin writing this story, but since I'm your faithful geek-beat reporter, I'm going to grit my teeth and bear it long enough to bring you the news -- I apologize in advance for any pain/suffering this information may bring to any True Believers reading.

Okay, I'll just throw it out there and get it over with quick. They're talking about Tom Cruise for Iron Man again. There, I said it. Yeah, I know he said he didn't want the role any more, but that was at LEAST a year ago, which in Hollywood time is enough time for several lifespans worth of events to happen. And Moviehole brings us the unfortunate news of Cruise perhaps being interested in the project again. And yes, despite MI3's mild disappointment, the dude is still viewed as box office GOLD, so if he wants the part it'd be hard for Paramount to turn him down. Favreau has already said he would prefer a newer, fresh faced actor ... but he could easily be outvoted by the people with the money.

Tom Cruise is too short*, too recognizable, and too crazy to be allowed anywhere near Tony Stark. He's too much Tom Cruise right now. By that I mean not only is he crazily recognizable, he's been all over the news every day for at least a year. If he was in Iron Man, the role would clearly be "Tom Cruise as Iron Man" for everyone who watched. Fav's got it right looking for someone with less star power.

*Cruise is 5'7'' and Stark is over 6' tall. Yes, it's only a difference of half a foot, but it's been driving me nuts since the dude was first connected with the part several years ago ... before he became the crazy couch jumper he is now.
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