Stargate is probably the most successful science-fiction franchise to run on television outside of the Star Trek juggernaut (which has stumbled of late, but still easily holds the throne based on past work). Heck, SG-1 is the longest running sci-fi show to ever grace television, despite a major channel a few years ago. And it has no intentions of slow down anytime soon. Co-executive producer Brad Wright recently chatted with Sci Fi Wire about the behemoth he has created, and promised the franchise still has room to grow. Wright says Stargate is the second biggest property for MGM Studios (behind Bond, of course), and he's sure MGM will want another Stargate film sometime in the future. He also suggested potential for a third series, saying "I know there will be a movie made. I know there will likely be another series made, whether I make it or not."

While I've never been a dedicated fan of Stargate, I enjoy it in principle and I've always been impressed with what I've seen of it. It captures the grandiose storytelling essence which so many generic sci-fi/fantasy stories often find themselves lacking these days ... the same epic feel which Star Trek desperately needs to rediscover. If the darn thing we're so stinking long by now, I'd try to find time to sit down and catch up via TV on DVD.
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