I swear to you, I let out a snort when I first read this. Okay, maybe a chortle (that's a chuckle and a snort together, for those of you who don't know your Carroll). Anyway, actress Famke Janssen of X-Men fame recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show (which itself is almost snort worthy), to discuss both her role in X-Men3 and the homemade dog outfits she creates for her dog Licorice ... okay, so this entire story is full of snorting moments. The point of this article is a story related by Janssen, in which she discussed the studio's efforts to keep the existence of her character in the third film a secret. "The funniest part was that when we were shooting, we had a lot of people from the press coming and they wanted to keep it a secret that I was back, so every single time anybody from the press would come over, they would shove me in a closets or in anywhere the hallway, so they wouldn't give it away." I'm being honest, she said that. Apparently, it wasn't until she saw her character emblazoned on a billboard that she was allowed to admit to being in the film.

Okay, so did even the most non-geek, non-comic book fan really think she was staying dead? I mean, I know I sometimes view life from a distorted perspective here inside my geek bubble ... but I'm pretty certain every True Believer in the world covered their eyes and sighed "oh boy, here comes the Phoenix saga" when Jean died. And with that many people being fully aware of what was happening, I can't imagine the news stayed secret from anyone with a television or computer for longer than say, 17.4 seconds.
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