We're still accepting RSVPs for our free screening of Cavite in New York City this upcoming Monday. The film has won numerous awards since debuting at Rotterdam last year, including the Someone to Watch Independent Spirit Award. I saw it again last night for the first time in awhile, and I'm all the more excited about this event. Cavite is, ostensibly, a low-budget thriller, about a Filipino-American who is called back to the home country and forced to capitulate to the cell-phone-call demands of a terrorist who claims to be holding his mother and sister hostage. It's an effective nail-biter, but at some point watching it last night I realized that the film is almost Antonionian in the way it  insistently anthropomorphizes the landscape of the city in which it takes place. Cavite is much faster paced than, say, Red Desert, and it seemingly has very different politics -- but there's a dreamlike quality that the films have in common which fundamentally sets Cavite apart from any other video-shot, single-actor thriller I've ever seen.

I'll be talking about all of that stuff, as well as the film's shoestring production and the filmmakers' struggles with distribution, with writers/directors/producers/actors/sound editors/cameramen Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana on Monday night after the screening. Wanna come? Send me an email at karina AT weblogsinc DOT com, with your name and plus one info, and I'll let you know when/where it's all going down. If it's within your power to be in New York City on Monday night, you do not want to miss this.