I'm not sure I've admitted this out loud before, but here it is: I'm really, really look forward to Miami Vice. Yes, that's right. The chick who loves all things foreign and arty (and Encino Man) and turns her nose up at pretty much all blockbusters on principle alone is dying to see a big, flashy summer movie. And with Colin Farrell in it, no less! I'm not gonna lie -- I feel a little dirty about it. The thing is, though, that with the glaring except of The Last of the Mohicans (Which I hated -- was he kidding me with all that "I will find you" crap?!), I sort of think Michael Mann is a genius of mainstream filmmaking. He manages to combine a thematic, character-oriented complexity with gorgeous, big-budget visuals more effectively than virtually anyone else working in Hollywood today. I mean, try for a second to imagine the magnificent Heat in the hands of, say, Michael Bay. See what I'm saying?

And I'm pleased to report that the first full trailer for Miami Vice has done nothing to discourage my optimism: It's full of neon and reflected lights, big close-ups, a little sex, and hints of a dark, serious story. Freaking awesome, people. Awesome.

[via The Movie Blog]
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