Now that he's sold his clothing company for a cool $1.6 billion, Tommy Hilfiger's got some spare cash lying around. And, like so many people who have far too much money, he said "Hey, kids -- let's make a movie!", and committed the paltry sum of $20 million to Rags, the first film from his Tommy Hilfiger Entertainment Company (yes, they're to blame for The Cut). According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie, shockingly, is set within the fashion industry, and is "an ensemble piece set in the fast-paced, competitive world of ... New York fashion." Among the characters that will give us an "insider's look" at that world are a veteran model, an up-and-coming designer, and a publicist. (Basically, it's a fictional America's Next Top Model, except without prizes. Or Nigel.)

The film has actually been in development for a couple of years, with the designer desperately trying to impress helping the writers with research by bringing them to New York's Fashion Week, and hooking them up with such freakish luminaries as Karl Lagerfeld and Janice Dickinson. Under the guidance of advertising and video director Dale S. Lewis, Rags is due to begin shooting this summer.
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