Regardless of subject matter, it appears everyone is looking to sneak in a cheap shot or two at Tom Cruise this week. Since Mission Impossible: 3 failed to appease the box office Gods over the weekend, look for "Blame Tom Cruise" t-shirts to begin a hot new trend this summer.

Heck, even George Lucas is participating in a game of "Pin the Tom on the Donkey". When MTV caught up with the Star Wars creator, they asked a few questions about his upcoming Indiana Jones 4. Apart from the usual "What's the film's current status?" and "When will Harrison Ford begin taking steroids so that he doesn't break in two during filming?", they inquired about the level of action-packed insanity present in the fourth installment. That's when Lucas fired back with, "I think Tom Cruise proved people are getting bored with that stuff."

Really? People are bored with action-packed summer popcorn flicks? As of when George? Wait -- maybe you meant that people were getting bored of Tom Cruise? Now, that I can believe. Regardless of his intent, Lucas also said that the script is definitely done and will probably begin shooting next year. He claimed the film will be "completely different" from past Indy adventures, yet still retain a nice mix of action and comedy. In his own words, Lucas feels, "It works like crazy."

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