I don't know what's gotten into Nicolas Cage, but the guy is making movies at an insane rate -- after averaging a movie or two per year for most of his career, Cage currently has three films (including World Trade Center) due out in the second half of 2006, four in 2007, and three already slated for 2008. He must be building, like 14 new homes, or something.

And, to that considerable list of upcoming projects, Cage just added Crazy Dog, a Bob Yari project in which he's agreed to star. Directed by Joe Ruben (The Forgotten, Return to Paradise), the film "revolves around a New York City cop who causes the death of a friend in a moment of cowardice. Consumed by guilt, he goes on a self-destructive spree but then seeks redemption." Ah, redemption. It wouldn't be Hollywood without the guy seeing the light and apologizing for all of his sins, right? I bet he reconciles with his wife, too. As irritatingly cliched as the story sounds, though, its writers -- Henry Bean and Nicholas Kazan -- have, between them, some fairly impressive credits including At Close Range, Deep Cover and Internal Affairs, so perhaps there's hope for some real tension and depth. (If we ignore the fact that Bean wrote Basic Instinct 2, that is.)
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