Since the original studio announcement of the upcoming Nacho Libre film starring Jack Black, I (along with many of you) have been amused by the concept and eager to discover more. The insanity of Black mixed with the sheer absurdity of the provided plot seem like a recipe for comic gold for reasons I can't even begin to fathom. It should be the worst movie ever created -- but somehow I'm drawn to it. And my bug-to-the-shiny-bright-light fascination has grown exponentially today thanks to IGN Filmforce, who has shared a solid, exclusive collection of photos and audio from the film (check it out here).

The top picture shows Jack Black in a monk-esque habit, holding what appears to be a Bible and shaking his finger reproachfully at a pudgy child. As you would expect, this picture is absurd. But Jack Black makes it amusing. The final picture they share has Black riding on the front of a bike styled moped, striking a classic Jack Black pose. Yes, the man is ridiculous and over the top. And yet we love him -- it almost defies understanding. I encourage you to listen to the audio clips as well. I'd list a few of my favorites here, but when they aren't coming from the crazy man himself they just lose the magic.
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