Here's an odd little web gem dug up by Jo Blo: home brewed Transformersfootage that looks stinking impressive. It was put together by a 3D design website called 3D Blasphemy, and while it certainly has no apparent connection to Michael Bay or anyone involved with the upcoming movie, it does provide hope for a sweet-looking film; because if an Internet design website can churn this sucker out on their own dime, imagine what Bay can produce with the muscle of Stephen Spielberg behind him.

For other Transformers news, you can head on over to IESB and view their video interview with producer Tom DeSanto. DeSanto instantly won the heart of this geek when he voiced his clear support for casting to original Transformers voice actors (the ones still available, anyway) as the voices for the new film. Bay has said he's willing to give them a tryout, but hasn't indicated his actual preference yet  -- which is fair, I suppose. You don't want to cast any actor based on what his voice sounded like 20 years ago without at least hearing if he/she still sounds the same two decades later.

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