By now you all know about the general plot outline for X-Men: The Last Stand, yes? Cure for mutants is developed, giant debate starts with humans and mutants both about whether or not mutants should take it, want to take it, be forced to take it, etc. Anyway, no doubt some of you out there have formed a few opinions on this matter -- some of the True Believers among us may already have passionate, fully laid-out philosophies on the subject (hey, why are you looking at me?). If you fall into either of those categories -- especially the latter -- Marvel has just the thing for you! That's right my friends, a summit has been called to discuss what we should do about the Mutant Problem, and you are invited. Okay, well not you specifcally, so much as you in the general sense of everybody who owns a computer. Marvel has set up a cute little internet forum right over here for you to meet with the other X-fans of the world and discuss your solution to this pressing issue. Who knows, maybe they'll even let you pretend to be a superhero while you are at it.
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