Depressed that Clerks 2 will be premiering overseas in just a few days, when you have to wait until freaking August before the film swings by your neck of the woods? Well, things have changed. The bad news is that you still have to wait until summer -- but that wait has been shortened by a month.

Spreading the word via Myspace, Kevin Smith acknowledged that getting the film into Cannes was what sparked the change, yet admitted it's, "a ballsy move that says "F*** you: we're a five million dollar flick and we're coming out in the f****** middle of the summer, bitches!" Ah, you have to admire the man's brutal honesty and love for four-letter words, right? The new release date is July 21, almost a month earlier than its original date, August 18. However, instead of competing with Snakes on a Plane, Clerks 2 now has to worry aboutLady in the Water, My Super-Ex Girlfriend and Monster House. Damn, maybe it's us who have to worry -- I mean, what the hell do I go see first?

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