Lovely and amazing British actress Emily Mortimer is joining Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey in the comedy Used Guys. The movie is set in a a woman-run future where men are cloned and sold like cars. Stiller and Carrey play two guys who rebel after being traded in and go in search of the lost meaning of manhood. Mortimer will play Michelle, a woman who is uncomfortable with purchasing a robot-mate, but (surprise!) comes to fall in love with the Stiller character. Austin Powers director Jay Roach will direct the comedy. I imagine some seriously high-octane hijinks will ensue with the Stiller and Carrey pairing. It will be interesting to see what Mortimer does with a leading-lady role in a broad comedy (though I suspect she'll have to fight for screen presence as Jim Carrey is involved); I hope she doesn't have to sit by and play it simply straight and sweet. She has done a great job in the past playing somewhat difficult characters -- the clueless and insulated Chloe in MatchPoint and the awkward and insecure Elizabeth in Lovely and Amazing -- without turning them into easy stereotypes. And wouldn't you want Emily Mortimer to purchase you if you happened to be a cloned male living in a woman-run future?
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