This is my fifth, increasingly desperate post about the state of Idlewild, AKA The Outkast Movie. The pattern of the posts is pretty much as follows: I get all excited about the fact that the movie has a release date, and then it disappears off the face of the earth. And then the cycle happens again -- the current date, August 25, is its third in the past six months, and I've finally learned not going to celebrate until I actually see it on a marquee somewhere. Though the constant delays theoretically have to do with a desire on the part of Big Boi and Andre 3000 to get the music completely perfect (rather than a desperate need to rescue their movie from total suckage), I'm sure I'm not the only one who is both eagerly looking forward to this one and very, very worried about its quality. I mean, it's a prohibition musical, for God's sake -- there's a lot of room for failure there.

Just to get us even more excited about it movie, though, Chris Lee of the Los Angeles Timesspoke withIdlewild director Bryan Barber last week, as well as the ubiquitous Terrence Howard, who appears in the film in a supporting role. Not surprisingly Barber, whose directing experience was limited to music videos (including the one for Outkast's Hey Ya!) prior to taking on this project, faced serious opposition from studio heads in getting the movie made. Not only was he a neophyte director and writer, but he was also trying to make a period, African-American musical. And his stars, best known as a team, would appear in only a handful of scenes together -- one can understand why studios were a little worried about sinking money into the project. By either a deal with the devil or insane luck, though, Barber got $27 million and a deal with Universal -- and, if all goes well, we'll get to see the result in August. Fingers and toes crossed.

[via GreenCine Daily]
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