At only 26, writer Ned Vizzini has written three books, two of which are now being adapted for the big screen. His comedic voice, which tends to lean towards coming of age tales, has built him a strong cult following. I had the chance to meet Ned awhile back, right before his second book (Be More Chill) came out. At that time, Vizzini was desperately trying to solicit fans (through his website) to plant stickers promoting the book anywhere and everywhere. Down to earth and, well, chill, Vizzini was a one-man marketing army. Barely above the legal drinking age, he paid his rent by traveling from school to school, speaking to kids and reading from his books. Soon after, Miramax acquired the rights to Be More Chill and tapped the Weitz brothers to direct. However, that project seems to have fallen off the map, but not before Vizzini's third book (It's Kind of a Funny Story) found a home.

It was announced the other day that Paramount Pictures has teamed up with MTV Films and acquired Funny Story, with Ryan Fleck(Half Nelson) attached to direct. Described as a teenage One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, story centers around a clinically depressed 15-year-old who checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward in search of help. Regardless of whether or not this story makes it to the screen, I'm sure Vizzini has a bunch more lined up.

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