Over the past few years, the words 'Broken Lizard' have brought thoughts of mediocre silliness to most of our brains. That's all about to change. The same team who brought us Super Troopers and Club Dread are gearing up for their latest trip to, "Eh, it's okay" land with the film, Beerfest. Now, with brand spanking new Beerfest images on the net, those of you who want nothing more than to eat, breathe and crap this movie can rejoice for the time being.

After checking out said pictures, it does look funny ... yet awfully painful. Ya know, like how you feel after witnessing someone you don't know get completely sloshed and wind up vomiting in the corner. At first, it's funny ... but then you can't help but feel their pain. Described as Dodgeball meets a lot of beer, pic (in case you've forgotten) will focus on two American brothers who, after being humiliated in an underground beer-drinking tournament abroad, decide to assemble a rag-tag team of guzzlers to help defend their country's honor. Yeah, I know who this film is geared toward. Problem is, purchasing an admission ticket means giving up beer money. Seriously, is it really worth it? Is it?

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