Finally, a Help Us Advertise Our Movie contest that doesn't totally suck!

RES, Microsoft, Warner Brothers, and Jumpcut are co-sponsoring a contest to remix the trailer of Richard Linklater'sA Scanner Darkly, due in theaters (finally) July 7. The remix site offers the current trailer for download, and asks entrants to create a variation that runs between one and three minutes, using both the downloaded footage and any new footage created specifically for the contest. What makes it cool, however, are the prizes. Instead of the "We might use your poster in a few small towns if we really like it and you'll feel important" rewards that tend to come with these fan-participation contests, the winner of this one gets some pretty awesome stuff: In addition to a trip to the US premiere (including airfare and hotel, thanks very much), the lucky remixer also takes home "a Microsoft Windows 64-bit powered professional video editing workstation with Adobe Production Studio Premium" (while I'm not entirely sure what that is, it sounds very flashy and posh to me). There are also some runner-up prizes on offer, as well as an audience award for a trailer chosen by website visitors.

If you're interested, go download the goods; all entries must be uploaded by June 7.
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