Hi. My name is Martha, and I'm a sucker for cheesy sports movies. Give me a predictable, moderately well-made story of triumph over adversity -- think Hoosiers, or even Wildcats -- and I'll be there with proverbial bells on, and Kleenex in hand (yes, I'm one of those people who cries at the happy scenes). For that reason, I'm cursing JoBlo as I type for digging up the trailer for Gridiron Gang, an out-of-nowhere football movie starring The Rock (this is confusing because we already knew he had a football movie coming out -- but this isn't it). The movie is, like 90 percent of the projects coming out of Hollywood these days, based on a true story -- there was a TV doc about the team in 1993 -- and is about a renegade coach (that's The Rock) who teaches a motley crew of badass, juvie inmates important life lessons by turning them into a football team. How much do you want to be that, with their four weeks of training, The Rock's kids thump the lily-white, super-fancy team they play in that big final game? Despite The Rock's questionable emoting, I could feel the tears coming just from the preview. Luckily for the suckers among us, though, the movie doesn't come out until September, so we've got some time to steel our heart-strings against its shameless tugging.

[via JoBlo]
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