According to an article in today's Sunday Times, British-born French starlet (Can she be a starlet now that she's nearly 60? Perhaps "former-starlet" would be more appropriate.) Jane Birkin plans to write, direct, and star in a biopic -- about herself. (How she's going to play herself as a hot young 20-something is not addressed in the article, but I'm sure Jane's got something figured out.) The film, entitled Boxes -- Birkin's word for the "chapters" of her life, many of which were naked -- already has much of its cast in place, and the group is dominated by Birkin's family and friends. In addition to Birkin, the film will star Maurice Bénichou as her ex-husband and mentor, Serge Gainsbourg, and Geraldine Chaplin (yes, she's Charlie's kid) as Birkin's mother. No word yet on who daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg will play, but she's sure to be in there somewhere, as well.

Unlike many grand vanity projects, this one is actually being made -- shooting will begin next month. Whether it's a train wreck or not (among other things, Birkin's never directed or scripted a feature before), I can't freaking wait. Hell, maybe this'll lead to a run on French cultural icons making movies about themselves -- I hope Brigitte Bardot is watching.

[via Alternative Film Guide]
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