Hugh Jackman is certainly the face of the current X-Men movie franchise -- I don't think there's any real question about it. Patrick Stewart may be his closest challenger, but hey, whose claws have been on all the movie posters for the past six months? Not only is the Wolverine character among the most popular in the Marvelverse (sometimes it seems like he's in every title at once), Hugh Jackman is a fan favorite. Mr. Jackman's importance to Marvel on film may be larger than any of us suspected, however, as recent comments by Jackman himself makes is seem as though he has almost complete control over choosing the director for his upcoming spin-off film Wolverine.

Jackman is quoted over at Filmstalker as saying the script is currently in its third (and hopefully final) draft rewrite, and once that's finished they'll go director hunting. According to Jackman, Brett Ratner's name is certainly in the mix, but several other high-powered directors are also interested, and he wants to make sure he gives it to someone who can do something new and exciting with it and not treat it simply as X-Men 4 in disguise. Jackman said "I'm not going to make a decision until I have the script right, but I'll definitely look at Brett." Definitely sounds as though Hugh's got himself a pretty sweet gig -- you know you're doing well for yourself when you get to name your own director.
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