I'm not sure I fully understand exactly what this all means, but I'm going to share it with you anyway, and maybe you can help me figure it out. Ian McKellen recently appeared on Jonathan Ross' TV show, and they (naturally) got to discussing the whole X-Men thing. The interesting bit is this Ross fellow has seen the completed movie already, and McKellen hasn't yet, so McKellen ended up asking Ross questions about the film -- something of a role reversal for the talk show host/movie star set-up. McKellen quickly keyed on a scene with Magneto playing chess, and quizzed Ross as to whether or not the scene had remained in the flick. Ross indicated it had, and this greatly pleased McKellen, who for some reason equates this scene with the possibility of another sequel. McKellen is, as we all know, anxious to play Magneto for as long as the powers that be will let him; I, for one, am willing to watch him.
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