Remember that news we shared a while back about a new Friday the 13th prequel/sequel that was supposed to be rushed through production in time to make an October 13th release date? Well, never mind. It ain't happenin'. Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes shingle has put Jason Jr. on the back burner, for an undisclosed reason, opting to instead focus their energies on ... a remake to The Hitcher. As if writing an original horror movie was impossible.

Fangoria and Bloody-Disgusting have, of course, been covering this flick since it was first announced. The plan was for director Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls) and screenwriter Mark Wheaton to head back in time and build an origin-type story that, I believe, would explain what went down between Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2. Or maybe it was supposed to be the story of how the Jason the freaky mutant mama-lover ended up drowning in the first place. Normally I'd just sneer at these concepts, but Mr. Wheaton, having proven himself within several genre mags and websites, is clearly a pretty passionate horror geek.

Anyway, plot synopses for movies that don't exist are fairly pointless, but you just know Jason's backstory is going to make for its own flick someday. Just not this October, though, which means the horror geeks will have to be content with the second sequel to Saw, the sequel to the remake of The Grudge, and the prequel to the remake (NOT a remake of the sequel) of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Got all that?
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