Alright, I don't pretend to fully understand this news, but it appears as if Uwe Boll not only controls a "group of companies," but also plans to take them public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Seriously. According to Screen Daily, starting this summer, shares of Boll AG will be available for public purchase (German financial papers are guessing that initial value of the stock will be listed at around $10 million); Boll hopes to use the fresh infusion of cash to "handle the international sales of [his] own productions as well as to take on sales of films by third parties." Ah. Yes, I'm sure people will be lining up to have Boll's name associated with their projects.

My main response upon reading this article was something along the lines of "The hell?!" While we reported earlier that investors have, in the past, used Boll's films as a sort of tax shelter -- to the tune of nearly $340 million -- it's sort of hard to imagine that people will see movies like BloodRayne and Alone in the Dark as good investments when they're no longer cinematic tax loopholes.
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