Though it did better than some of the doom-sayers were anticipating, Poseidon, Warner Brothers' first big-budget ($150 million) extravaganza of the summer, made a middling $20.3 million on its opening weekend, good enough only for second place in the box office rankings. Comfortably hanging onto the top spot was Mission: Impossible III which, though it made $24.5 million, still lost about 50% from its opening numbers, and thus is performing just like any other action picture -- in other words, that second-week bounce for which Paramount was so fervently hoping didn't happen. Just My Luck, one of the weeks' other major debuts, came back with disappointing numbers as well: Ending up in the fourth spot, it made a mere $5.5 million on 2541 screens. At $2164/screen, it took in less than half than Poseidon did from each screen.

Goal! The Dream Begins
, the first film in a planned trilogy (part three of which is already filming -- there's no waiting to see how things go with this series, a decision that Buena Vista and its partners are really, really going to regret), had a terrible open: Its total returns of $2 million on just over 1000 screens were good enough only for twelfth place. (I blame myself. As one of the US's few soccer fans, it was my duty to buy a ticket this weekend, and I didn't. Sorry, Buena Vista.) The top ten is after the jump.