While I've never put anything in storage, I've always thought to myself that, if times were ever that tough, perhaps I would find a way to rent one of them storage units to live in. I mean, they can't be much smaller than a dorm room, right? Yeah, and maybe I'll make a short film about the whole experience and use it to land a bigger Hollywood gig. Sweet -- the next five years of my life are wrapped up.

Anyway, it appears as if Steve Carell has already been there, done that. Along with Andrew Cohen and Brendan O'Brien, he shot a short film on the subject, American Storage, and recently used that film as part of a pitch to do a feature version. Paramount Pictures snagged it and tapped Cohen to direct from a screenplay he'll write with O'Brien. Pic centers around a man who, in an attempt to pump some life (and money) into his failing storage facility, decides to lease out a bunch of the units as low-rent apartments. (Something tells me these units can't be much bigger than the ultra-expensive apartment I'm renting right now.) No word yet on whether Carell will star. If he does, then add this one to the long list of upcoming films the actor has lined up for himself.

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