Man, what's up with Mary Stuart Masterson? I mean, she used to be all cute and tough -- the kind of movie chick who beat the odds and smiled through her tears, but also didn't take crap from anybody. Don't tell me that (on the rare occasions) when you think of her, you don't immediately picture the kickass drummer chick from Some Kind of Wonderful, or the toughest, awesomest lesbian ever to serve human ribs to the cops she played Fried Green Tomatoes. Right? But then there was Benny & Joon, which was sweet and all but really, really sappy, and was probably to blame for I Am Sam, among other offenses. Suddenly, she wasn't tough anymore, but just really emotional, and circling around doomed relationships.

Now, I realize that Benny & Joon was 13 years ago (gasp), but it was her last major starring role, and that whole doomed love thing has appeared in her life again, this time in the form of The Cake Eaters, the film with which she will make her cinematic directorial debut. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film "tells the story of Guy, who returns to his small hometown after pursuing his dreams in the city." When he gets home, Guy gets involved somehow in the relationship between his "oddball" brother and -- wait for it -- a "gravely ill girl." Sigh. And that's it. Is it just me, or does this just scream "Lifetime movie?" Mary! Girl! CHEER UP!

The film will star X-Man Aaron Stanford, Kristen Stewart, and screenwriter Jayce Bartok.
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