Back in February, it was announced that Eric Rohmer's renowned Chloe in the Afternoon would be remade by Fox Searchlight as a rollicking comedy, set in the US. Behind the completely insane idea -- who looks at Chloe and says "You know, this would be better if it was really, really hilarious!"? -- is none other that Chris Rock, who both wrote the screenplay (with Louis C.K.) and is set to star in the film. When the project was first announced, Drumline director Charles Stone was in negotiations to take the helm, and his involvement subsequently became official. For unspecified reasons, however, Stone dropped out (I'm guessing it was due to "creative conflicts" that centered on the absurdity of the entire concept), and has recently been replaced by ... Chris Rock. Hey, he's doing everything else, right?

Rock's only other directorial effort for cinema (he's directed an episode of Everybody Hates Chris) was Head of State (which he also co-wrote and starred in) a cynical comedy about American politics that got a handful of good reviews. The current project stars Rock as "a professional man" married to Gina Torres who gets himself into trouble when his ex, Kerry Washington, appears on the scene; shooting begins next month in New York.
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