Some words of praise for Cavite:

"[Cavite] ventures into rarely seen terrain - the slums of greater Manila - even as it pays homage to the Hollywood bomb-on-a-bus blockbuster Speed." -- Dennis LimNew York Times

"[A] cross between A Single Girl ... and a great episode of 24 ... this is a great, great example of a true indie film: 2 guys, a camera and a script, traveling halfway across the world to a country considered one of the most dangerous places in the world and shoot a feature film. It makes me want to grab a camera, go to a foreign land like Africa or Colombia and start shooting away. But first I'd have to grow a pair of balls." – Moriarty, Ain't it Cool News

"Cavite tackles such pertinent issues as cultural identity, family and terrorism ... guerilla filmmaking at its finest." -- Kirk Honeycutt, Hollywood Reporter

For a guerrilla-style, no-budget Yank indie to even tackle issues of jihad terror and naive Western thinking is noteworthy in itself, but [Ian] Gamazon and [Neill] Dela Llana inflame the issues with a gutsy, athletic filmmaking package that shows what can be done with a minimum of tools." -- Robert Koehler, Variety

Wanna see it yet? If you're in New York, email karina AT cinematical DOT com and we'll put you on the list for the free screening Cinematical is hosting tonight in Manhattan. After the film, I'll be leading a short Q & A with the filmmakers. Check out the distributor's spin on the basics after the jump.