While a Gladiator sequel is all but dead in the water, London-based fans of the original film will soon get to re-live their favorite scenes through song and dance. That's right -- Ridley Scott'sGladiator is heading to a place no warrior has ever been before: musical theater. The musical, to run in London's West End, will be adapted for the stage by William Nicholson, who also wrote the film's screenplay. While Russell Crowe will not be reprising the role of Maximus (Thank God for that!), Hans Zimmer's original score will be used throughout.

Replacing Crowe will be Broadway star Brian Stokes Mitchell, who some of you may know from his appearance on the show Crossing Jordan. Not for nothing, but I feel a little weird about this one. It's hard to imagine a bunch of burly, hard-edged gladiators preparing to battle to the death and, yet, having enough time to sing and dance about the whole thing. While the idea doesn't sound too appealing (to me, at least), I'm definitely curious to see how they go about pulling it off. And, if it's a hit, I wonder if the musical will find its way to Broadway.

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