According to London's ever-reliable Daily Mail, Keira Knightley is set to star in The Best Time of Our Lives, a film about a very narrow slice of poet Dylan Thomas' life. Despite a schedule so packed that it was initially thought she wouldn't be able to appear in the film at all, Knightley determinedly moved things around, and successfully freed up a chunk of time big enough to fit it in. Her desperate interest in the film, however, comes not from its subject or cast, but rather from its writer, a playwright named Sharman Macdonald -- or, as Knightley calls her, Mom. Or Mum, probably. Anyway, you get the idea: mom wrote a screenplay, and Keira is damn well going to star in the movie.

The film will address "a terrifying incident in 1945 involving Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin [Knightley] and another couple - Vera Phillips, a friend of the poet's from his Swansea school days, and her husband William Killick." Apparently one night, Thomas did something to piss Killick off, so he prompted showed up at the poet's house firing a machine gun and threatening "to hurl a grenade through a window." Holy crap. Who knew poetry was such a dangerous calling?

Production is expected to being next January, after Knightley finishes her work on Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

[via Dark Horizons, Keiraweb]
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