Doris Payne rules. She's 75, and has spent the last 50-odd years (at least until she ended up in the pokey) stealing jewelry in broad daylight, confusing and tricking sales people with her grace and charm. One of the detectives who worked her case even likened her to a female Cary Grant: "She has," he said "the style." Happily -- because we all clearly need to have more contact with Ms. Payne -- Variety reported this morning that a movie about her life is now in the works.

The untitled film will be the second project from J2 Pictures, a company founded by Malcolm in the Middle star Justin Berfield. Berfield will co-write the script with partner Jason Felts and Eunetta Boone, a TV-writer (who is clearly pretty cool herself -- she got her start on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) who brought the idea to J2 after visiting Payne in prison; the company just recently purchased Payne's life rights.
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