Yesterday I had dinner with my family for Mother's Day. At some point during the dinner discussion, my father mentioned that he and my mother had gone to see Mission: Impossible 3 over the weekend. After telling him that I had not seen the film yet, he laughed and replied, "Gee, with all the Tom Cruise bashing you've been doing on your little website thingy, I'm not surprised."

I laughed and said something about having too much stuff to do lately, but he followed it up with, "Say all you want about Cruise, the guy really does give you your money's worth." Afterward, I felt kind of bad for mocking Tom so much over the past week. Sure, the guy is a little wacky off-screen, but with films like Collateral, Vanilla Sky and The Last Samurai, it's obvious the man pours all of himself into each and every role he takes on. However, it's obvious now that his open and outward belief in Scientology is starting to turn people off. But why?

Cruise is only one man on a long list of very popular actors who now believe in Scientology. Okay, so maybe they don't preach it the way he does, but with more and more people taking up interest, is it only a matter of time before the religion shifts from off to on-screen? Perhaps that's a good thing. After all, ever since 9/11, the only way most people learned about the Muslim religion was through film. Because that's what they're used to. That's what makes them feel safe.

So, I ask you: How long before Scientology makes its way to the big screen? And, would you welcome the subject as a means to explore something a lot of people don't yet understand?

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