The live action/CGI-combo big screen adaptation of Underdogfinally has its Miss Polly. According to Variety, Amy Adams, who was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Junebug, has been tapped to give life to Polly Purebred. Polly, of course, is the female lead/love interest of the heroic Underdog, who is to be voiced by the ever amusing Jason Lee. Peter Dinklage is also on board to voice Simon Barsinister, the flick's villain.

I was a big fan of Underdog as a child, although it was already well into snydicated reruns at that time. Still, I worry slightly about this film for two reasons:
  1. Live action/CGI combinations of old cartoon shows are a tricky business --  Rocky and Bullwinkle, for example, comes immediately to mind. R&B is my favorite cartoon of all time, and I really wanted the movie to be fantastic (it wasn't).
  2. My mother occasionally calls my fiancee (whose name is Holly) Miss Holly, because it reminds her of Miss Polly. A movie will no doubt only further encourage this situation.
Even given these two reservations, though, I continue to hope for a good movie. It COULD happen.
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