I can't believe that Hudson Hawk came out in 1991 -- it doesn't seem like it could possibly have been that long ago that I sat in a massive, dead-silent theater, trying to muffle my hysterical laughter in a sweatshirt so as not to get ejected from the place. Yes, life for all four of us Hudson Hawk fans has been hard since day one but now, finally, our devotion is being rewarded: Sony is releasing a 15th anniversary special edition DVD this summer. Woo hoo!

Though the DVD is STILL lacking a commentary track (Bruce, come on. You know no one is buying the movie apart from your mom and the handful of us who love it -- talk to us, man!), it does include welcome new transfer, as well as some deleted scenes and a couple of featurettes. I don't want to rave too much about the movie here (I'll save that for Guilty Pleasures), but suffice to say that you haters are missing out. No, really. You are.
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