Okay, so it's not exactly the first look we were expecting but, nevertheless, a trailer for Oliver Stone'sWorld Trade Center is now online ... in German. However, even if you don't speak the language, there's no doubt about it -- this film looks beautiful.

Not long ago, the website for WTC went live with a brief featurette that blended interviews with the two Port Authority officers the film is based on with still photographs from the pic. After hearing that a majority of the film was shot out west and not in New York City, I was curious to see how well Stone pulled it off. Folks, after watching the trailer, you would have no idea this thing was shot on some sound stage. In fact, it feels as if Stone had cameras there, on the street, as it all went down. As far as Nicolas Cage goes, well, the guy looks as if he weighs 90 pounds, if that.

I urge each and every one of you to go watch this trailer right now. We knew it was coming any day now, and seeing this German version hit means the English one should be here at any moment. As always, when it arrives, we'll let you know.

[via AICN]

UPDATE: Unfortunately, it appears the trailer has been removed. As usual, when a trailer hits the net like this, there's always a small window of time it is available before the studio gets word. The official trailer is bound to hit real soon, so stay tuned for further info. Sorry folks!

UPDATE 2: The US trailer went live today (5/17); it's here. Thanks, Roy.