At this point, I think it can be safely declared that no one, save Brett Ratner and the Suits, are even trying to pretend X:3 The Last Stand is the actual close of the film franchise. Patrick Stewart more or less called Ratner out as a liar trying to get more bodies into theaters; Ian McKellen suggested a few days ago the franchise could continue onward; and of course there's the ever popular "several of the contracts call for at least two more movies" deal. Now joining the ever growing chorus of sequel-expectant actors is Halle Berry, the lady who plays Storm.

In an interview with, Berry was asked about possible spin-off films (a popular question for X-actors these days), and indicated she knew of no plans for Storm in the spin-offs, but later suggested there may well be a fourth X-Men movie in the future:"If this is the end, which in my mind it probably is, I'm just really happy with the way it ended; and if [it] does well, Fox will do another one. It would be advantageous for them to do another one. I think they will if the fans love this one enough and enough people go see it and they all want it, I'm sure there will be another one."

A bit confusing, since she says in her mind it is probably "the end," but then twice goes on to say she fully expects a sequel if the film does well. Maybe she expects X3 to crash and burn?

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