Comic book geeks are among the most unusual and idiosyncratic subcultures currently existing in the mass-media, pop-culture candyland of America. Our peculiar crowd is one which prides itself (like many subcultures do) on being different, atypical, and not a part of the "normal" scene. We are "outsiders," if you will, and we like it just fine that way. In fact, we're very pleased with our identity. We embrace the geek label and make it our own -- something to be proud of rather than something to be mocked.

Please note, I'm not suggesting all geeks are Cheetos-and-Mountain-Dew-eating, living-in-their parents'-basement, rolling-dice-instead-of-throwing-a-football palefaces. Many are, I suppose, but geeks come in all flavors and types. The common ground, however, is a stubborn pride in their hobby; even those of you who are businessmen and jocks and act apologetic when admitting to your buddies you subscribe to fifteen different comic titles, you know if someone makes a joke about the X-Men your preternatural reaction is to jump to their defense. You may stay quiet for fear of humiliating yourself, but inside your mind you are loudly protesting the loser who doesn't understand the inherent awesomeness of Professor X's mental prowess or the sheer tragedy of Rogue's inability to touch another human being. They just don't understand.

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