Among the hottest of rumors in the geek community awhile back was the "Lucas wants to turn the classic trilogy into 3D films" announcement. Fans (myself included) were naturally very exacted by the concept of a full-on 3D version of their beloved SW trilogy, but have been generally left wondering about a time table for such an event. Rick McCallum, the ever-present producer for Lucas Films, has recently shed some light on the subject, suggesting the release dates could possibly be as early as 2007.

The major hold up currently seems to be the number of theaters capable of handling the 3D action. Lucas and company are hoping for two or three thousand (they consider this the point when it would become truly economically advantageous to release the films), while slightly over 1500 currently exist. With this round, George Lucas may well finally claim the number one box office total (in cash dollars, not ticket sales) spot from the Titanic. His re-release of the classic trilogy prior to Episode 1 certainly put him within striking distance, and a new round of showings with added 3D glory might give him the final jump he needs.
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