Poor Bryan Singer. Understandably, the dude's a little wiped after that whole $250 zillion Superman Returns thing -- but his current schedule gives him very little time for rest. Instead of sitting on the couch with his feet up, celebrating the glorious (he hopes) success of his superhero extravaganza, Singer's supposed to turn around and begin work on the remake of Logan's Run just as Superman is released (and then, quite likely, go and shoot Superman Returns Returns, or whatever the inevitable sequel will be called).

Now, though, he's doing a bit of re-evaluating. Whether it's exhaustion, stress, or boredom, Singer and Warner Brothers are rumored to be rethinking his fall schedule; there's a strong possibility at the moment that he'll move away from directing Logan's Run and instead take a producer credit (according to Variety, even if he doesn't direct, Singer will continue to have input on the project). Additionally, the director may take some time away from Big Budget Blowouts to work on one of handful of smaller projects in which he's expressed interest, one of which is The Mayor of Castro Street, a fiction film about the assassination of Harvey Milk.

So, who's going to replace Singer if he leaves Logan's Run? Word on the street is that one James McTeigue, fresh off the success (?) of V for Vendetta, is in the mix. Is this a good thing? I have no idea. I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that Singer's probably leaving. Sniff.
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