A comedic collaboration between director Jay Roach and funnyguys Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey was supposed to start production this summer ... but inevitable delays and soaring budgets have conspired to kill the project -- for now, anyway.

Used Guys, "a sci-fi comedy about a women-ruled world where men are bought and sold as sex objects," was written by first-timer Mickey Birnbaum, and would have been directed by the mega-profitable Jay Roach*, but Variety reports that the "futuristic" sets would not be finished in time for production, which would have caused a logjam on Stiller's & Carrey's next projects. Some claim the $110 million budget gave Fox some cold feet; others blame the unfinished sets -- but the flick's been called off, period. Too bad, too, because it's a cool concept and it would have been fun to see Stiller and Carrey makin' with the futuristic co-funny. Alas.

Used Guys had already staked out June 15th, 2007, as its release date, a date which Fox promptly handed over to Fantastic Four 2.

(* Mr. Roach directed all three Austin Powerses as well as Meet the Parents & Fockers ... which I can only assume soothes the sting of Mystery, Alaska.)
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