Batman on Film has an absurd connection to the Batman film franchise, as tipsters always seem to be queuing up to share insider information with them. Today, they've got a line on early plot information for Batman 2 thanks to an insider they promise us is legitimate. Here are the three salient bits of information from our friendly tipster.

  • Nolan has been re-going over all of the various Batman comics even more to comb for fine details.
  • They (Nolan and co.) want it to be even darker than Begins.
  • The studio is supportive of creating something as accurate to the Batman comic books as possible and less about it being some kind of summer popcorn "mega-hit."
Awesome? Yes, yes it is. Any attempt to stay true to the pages by a major comic book film is always pleasing for the geek community, and with the great foundation of Batman Begins, Nolan and company certainly have a good starting point, an eager audience, and a willing studio. Combine that with the excellent cast he's assembled and a plot like the one described above, and you've got yourself a winner.
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